Den's Hot Dogs

Den’s Hot Dogs

Manufacturer of unique all-in-one, single-serve heat & eat Hot Dog Sandwiches, with several different condiments to choose from. Den's Natural & Gourmet Hot Dogs: Minimally processed premium beef frankfurter (NO artificial ingredients or preservatives, NO antibiotics, hormones or gluten), on a premium French baguette style bun and available with Mild Chili, Pineapple Chutney, or Tomato & Onions condiments; and Den’s Kosher Hot Dogs: Premium Kosher beef frankfurter (NO artificial flavors or colors, NO fillers, by-products or gluten) on a premium Kosher baguette style bun and available with Kosher Sauerkraut, Kosher Sweet Relish, or Kosher Babaganush condiments. Our hot dogs are and taste as true gourmet hot dogs and require only a refrigerator/freezer to store and under a minute of microwaving.  They fit into any retail format from a big box store to mom's & pop's corner deli. We got a WIENER!  

Phone Number: 718-355-9636
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