Brooklyn Brewery

Today, the Brooklyn Brewery is continuing to thrive, spreading good beer around the world. Bars and restaurants from Texas to Sweden to Australia proudly pour Brooklyn beer and display our iconic logo in great cities and far-flung reaches. Here in Brooklyn, Garrett and his team push the boundaries of brewing with an expanded barrel aging program housed in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard down the road from the brewery and an extensive roster of experimental batches tucked away for study (and tasting.) The borough itself has been revitalized around the Brooklyn Brewery, with over 100 businesses proudly dubbing themselves Brooklyn. Entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators have created successful companies ranging from the Red Hook Winery and Mast Brothers Chocolate to tech giants including Makerbot, Kickstarter and Tumblr. Steiner Studios, located not far from the Brooklyn Brewery barrel aging program in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is the largest television and film studio outside of Hollywood. It is an exciting time to be from Brooklyn.

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