Zesty Z

Move over hummus, there’s a new kid in town!

Zesty Z™ is a healthy Mediterranean spread. It's made with za'atar, extra virgin olive oil, and a variety of herbs and spices. Zesty Z is all-natural, vegan, and low in sodium. The best part is, Zesty Z™ is versatile and shelf stable. Enjoy it with your favorite foods at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's not just a spread or a condiment...it's both!

Served this way in Lebanon, this spread is just as popular as hummus but much more versatile. Zesty Z™ can be used with fresh veggies, cheeses and charcuterie, on baked breads, as a salad dressing or marinade, or mixed with hummus or Greek yogurt. Check out our pairings section for simple, healthy, and delicious ideas!

Website: http://www.zesty-z.com
Phone Number: 914-384-3483
Email: info@zesty-z.com


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