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I LOVE CANDY!  I really, really do. The summer of 2011, friends had opened an organic produce stand in Far Rockaway beach and couldn’t find a locally made taffy. I jumped at the chance to put my own spin on the chewy nostalgic sweet... and it was love at first pull! I wanted this taffy to be different so I decided to use natural flavorings like real vanilla beans, fruit purees, spices and large-grain sea salt. The candy came out flavorful and creamy like a milkshake with a distinct salt crystal crunch--this was not your average SALT WATER TAFFY.And Salty Road was born!  To my surprise, I soon discovered that we were the first and only taffy makers in New York City!  I’ve come a long way from hand-pulling in a tiny Brooklyn apartment but I still get just as excited crafting new flavors as I did the very first batch. Salty Road has grown, and we are now located in our very own Brooklyn candy factory--we are so excited to have the opportunity to work on all kinds of new flavors and different lines of candy!  Stay tuned!

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