La Newyorkina

La Newyorkina was started in 2010 by Fany Gerson, after a long trip to her native Mexico to write her first book “My Sweet Mexico” she returned to New York wanting to share and celebrate the amazing frozen treats & sweets of Mexico.

Everything we make is handmade from scratch in small batches, using the best ingredients we can get our hands on and never use any artificial flavorings or colorings.

We carefully source our ingredients and work closely with farmers in NY and nearby to get our delicious organic dairy, seasonal fruits and herbs. Other ingredients that simply don’t grow or can’t be found around New York like the Mexican vanilla bean, Oaxacan chocolate, tamarind, some dried chiles, passion fruit and hibiscus are imported, but we spend a lot of time and care making sure we get the best ingredients available and work with small producers in Mexico as we believe its very important to support them as well.

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